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Energy Saving Products for the Home

Tired of spending your hard earned money on your utility bills? Lower your utility bills!  We offer various energy efficient products to help you keep more of your money.  Start saving with energy conservation products like energy saving LED light bulbs, energy efficient space heaters and energy saving protection. We offer free ground shipping on all our products.

Lower your utility bills! Today's trying times scream for economic solutions. Energy saving products for the home can help cut your utility bills and help protect your electronic investments. Simple solutions such as ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHT BULBS, POWER CONDITIONING UNITS, supplemental ENERGY EFFICIENT SPACE HEATERS and ECO-FRIENDLY LAUNDRY PURE. The table below points out the percentage of electricity that is used in various household applications.

Our energy saving products not only save you money but protect your high dollar electronics against voltage spikes and surges. The power conditioning unit serves a dual economic solution by cutting electricity costs and protecting your electronics backed with a $25,000. warranty. Energy efficient products can also save on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Protect your home and your loved ones today. Learn more about our energy conservation products that will save you money:

EcoPower4 - Whole house energy management power conditioning system
Safehearth - Energy efficient space heater
LaundryPure – Eco-friendly economical laundry system
Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs