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Safehearth Heater
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Safehearth Heater
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The Safehearth heater has an unparalleled advantage over all other personal space heating systems - EcoQuest's Active Pure (RCI) cell. So while the Safehearth is warming your environment, certified space technology is scrubbing the air as it passes through the heater for a safer, fresher environment. The Ceramikor plate is the heart (and brain) of the Safehearth heater. Unlike bulbs, coils or combustion systems, the Ceramikor plate features a stone-like heating element constructed from "intelligent" materials and formed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

The Ceramikor plate acts as the brain of the Safehearth system. When manufactured, the plate is assigned a reference temperature. The temperature provides a "target" temperature for the unit that enables its ability to warm quickly but also disables the unit's ability to overheat. It's those self-limiting characteristics that help keep the unit's temperature constantly "in check" and provide you with peace of mind. The self-limiting features of the Ceramikor plate means the Safehearth heater CANNOT start fires, harm children or hurt pets.

Ceramikor plates advantages over bulb, coil and fuel driven heaters:

+provides a larger overall heating surface-offering greater warming effect at lower temperatures
+provides a quiet, even heat that fills the room
+utilizes a digital thermostat (60-90F)
+includes ActivePure (RCI) air purification
+it's durable, long-lasting construction offers a longer heating life than bulbs, coils and even the quartz infrared systems
+provides peace of mind that your family and home are safe and warm
+all parts are serviceable

Make the safe, smart, economic decision, choose Safehearth heater for your heating needs.

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